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I have written and published so many poems by now I have lost count. Here are some of my favorites.


Whisper It To My Heart

Hold me in your arms,
all night long,
Caress me gently,
kiss away my tears and fears,
Tell me you love me,
you will never let me go,
Keep me in your heart,
please take care of my soul,
For I freely give to you,
all my love a heart can hold,
Whisper it to my heart,
you will be true,
As I whisper from my heart,
through the end of eternity,
I will always be only yours,
So please,
Whisper it to my heart,



White stallions,
and painted carousel's,
are part of what dreams,
are made of,
Cotton candy,
candid apples,
are all apart of what dreams,
are made of,
Little boys,
becoming men,
Little girls,
becoming women,
are with their,
carefree dreams,
Growing up,
to realize,
Where there are dreams,
happiness shall follow,
to a dream come true,


Special Way

I think back on the hot summer days,
and the long summer nights,
We exchanged a special look,
in which only we understood,
No one knows for sure,
of what kind of bond we share,
We can hold a conversation,
without even saying a word,
We can make love so easy,
and not need to touch,
Even through the miles,
when we are apart,
We still feel each others touch,
In a special way,


Winters Love

The wind is blowing,
it is getting colder,
Slowly but slowly,
the leaves on the trees are dying,
We trade our sweaters for coats,
coke for hot cocoa,
The air conditioning goes off,
the fireplace gets lit,
The one nice thing is,
the winter blanket to keep me warm,
Is your soft embrace,
and my,
Winters love,


At Times

At times you sleep like an angel,
then awake like the devil,
At times you love the warm bath water,
then at others its a sea of mayhem,
At times you want to be held and cuddled,
at others you would rather be left alone,
To all the times we shall share,
When I am old and gray,
and you have a child of your own,
remember these two little words,
At Times,


What Is A Parent

Someone to clean up bruises,
and make the hurt go away,
To come to the rescue,
for tummy aches,
To fix that stuffed bears boo-boos,
by applying a bandage,
To scold when bad,
to lend a helping hand,
To explain what is right,
and what is wrong,
To help us learn,
all the things in life,
That can make us ,
a better person,
for the world to see,

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